Fluid Coolers

Our fluid coolers have been specifically designed for commercial and industrial-duty applications. Our experts engineer equipment for a wide range of applications using various fluid types, including our MultiTherm fluids. When outdoor temperatures get cool enough, our fluid coolers are a great way to provide free cooling.

Available options include:

  • Corrosion-resistant fin and coil combinations: copper fins, acrylic fins, phenolic coated fins, or Electrofin coatings
  • Hydronic accessory packages including tanks, valves, and heat exchangers
  • Fan cycle control
  • Acoustic/low-sound packages
  • Three-way valve control for exact temperature control
  • Protective grills
  • Fused fan motor contactors
  • Completely enclosed fan motor for corrosive or hazardous-duty applications
  • Fan circuit breaker
  • Disconnect switch (fused or non-fused for single-point connections)
  • Mounted control circuit transformer
  • Phase failure/under-voltage protection
  • Microprocessor (PLC) controls that interface with common building control systems
  • Painted cabinets (enamel)

Fliod CoolerFluid Cooler